2 Kindle publishing things I disagree with everyone else on

Just wanna talk about a couple of areas of publishing I disagree with most other authority figures on.

The first of which is the usefulness of KDP Rocket for (non fiction) keyword research.

Even if you disregard KDSpy’s easier to use layout, I feel KDP Rocket gets a few things wrong in this area.

The biggest culprit being, the “competition score” is a metric waaaay too many publishers rely on.

This number is a proprietary formula that is designed as a guideline rather than a rule.

Yet many publishers look at it as a rule, and thus often overlook potentially profitable keywords as a result.

Plus, if you examine this metric on a day to day basis, it fluctuates so much, it can’t possibly be accurate.

The second of which is this recent trend of publishing super long books, we’re talking 25,000 words plus.

Yes, there are benefits to longer books (higher ACX royalties for one, because they go over the magical 3 hour mark)

But especially for beginners, I don’t recommend you publish these – because you just don’t have the knowledge of how to research your customers yet.

Therefore you’re just spending more money on getting a long book written.

Essentially, your learning tax is higher with longer books.

Which is why I suggest new publishers begin with 12-15,000 word books instead.

Because as a beginner, it’s better for you to publish 2 12,000 word books and get the hang of the process than it is to go all in on one giant book.

Anyway, that’s just two – but there are a few more which I cover in the bonus Kindle Konfessions document available free to members of Double Your Kindle Sales

So if you want access to both the special report and the core material, then check out the course here.



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