Are emails for Kindle publishers the same as blog posts?

Are emails the same as blog posts?



Got a question from Double Your Kindle Sales student Kecia Armstrong yesterday.

“What’s the difference between an email and a blog post – should they have the same goal?”

It’s a two part question, so I’ll give a two part answer.

First off, outside of the literal difference of them being two different mediums. Emails are an easy way to quickly connect with your list.

Preferably on a regular basis.

Blog posts, on the other hand, should be more focused around more in-depth, evergreen content.

So in practical terms blog posts can be longer and less frequent.

Although I’m sure there are some out there who blog daily.

But emails for Kindle publishers get the job done quicker.

Onto part two – should they have the same goal?

The broad answer is yes, in that both should get your prospect to take action.

It’s a little more nuanced than this though.

For example with blog posts, you have certain rules such as an optimum number of outbound links for SEO purposes etc.

Whereas the way I teach email, there is a different way of doing it.

It’s not the only way to do email marketing for your self publishing business.

But it’s the way that works for me, and many other successful publishers.

One you can use to not just promote your own books, but get content for future books, and even promote high ticket affiliate products.

Which is what I’m doing now with another publisher in fact.

It’s only early days (3 emails sent so far), but the early results are encouraging to say the least.

Once the entire promotion is over, I’ll be adding a lesson to my video course about how you can do the same thing.

To find out the full details go to http://doubleyourkindlesales.com


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