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Believability – and the rare times where Facebook is useful

I’ve long since deleted my Facebook newsfeed (newsfeed eradicator extension on Chrome if you’re wondering)

Now I only use the site for a couple of private groups, including my own.

One such group which is the member’s group for Emeka Ossai’s Self Publishing Blueprint Course – the only beginners publishing course I recommend for non fiction self publishers.

Group member Iris F. posted about why she was attracted to this particular group, rather than other ones.

“You’re selling point was always make a $1000/month, despite the other guys saying you can make 4k – 10k, you always stayed in your lane. And honestly, the fact that you sold us on the 1k and not the 10k, made it seem more legit to me.”

There’s an important marketing lesson here.

Believability is vital in your marketing message.

For something who’s never made any money online, making $1K a money seems a hell of a lot more achievable than $10K a month.

You see, a big mistake many publishers make in their book titles and descriptions, is trying to be “better” than the competition.

This translates as making bigger and more grandiose claims.

Make double (or triple) the money…

…in half the time…

…with one tenth of the effort etc. etc.

Claims which, if you’re being honest with yourself, your customer isn’t going to believe.

And if they don’t believe your book can make good on the title – they aren’t even going to click on it

Or even if they do, what if your book content doesn’t back up these claims?

You’re on a highway to negative reviews.

Killing your sales faster than a speeding bullet.

So if you want to learn how to stand out from the competition, without resorting to unrealistic claims.

Then check out my video course using the link below



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