How to Sell Your Book on Amazon by Spending 6 hours Looking at People in Their Underwear

Yesterday I attended a bodybuilding show. And it taught me something about how to sell your book on Amazon. My best friend was competing for the first time and I went there to support him. It was my first time watching a spectacle like this. So yes, I’ve now seen what 75 different people, both […]

Dan Kennedy says going to jail will save your Kindle publishing business

Just spent the past 3 days in Barcelona visiting one of my best friends – in other words, I wasn’t working on my Kindle publishing business One of the best parts of this lifestyle is that it afford me the ability to take impromptu trips like this. On the first day, while we were strolling […]

Drunk Kindle publishing secrets

Another of these in-the-trenches Kindle publishing and copywriting secrets for you today. In yesterday’s email I mentioned I was in Barcelona these past few days. The nightlife here is special, really unique vibe as far as European cities go. Part of this is that, wherever you turn, there are guys selling you cans of beer […]

Kindle Publishing lessons from Croatia’s Football team

Today we have both Kindle Publishing lessons, and the last World Cup related email for 4 years. So if you’re not a football (or sawker for you Americans), you’re in luck. But it only happens twice a decade so I need to get my use out of the event. I’d like to highlight the runners-up, […]

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