Do you make this mistake in email marketing for your Kindle Publishing business?

I want to talk about a massive error I see in email marketing for your Kindle publishing business. One made my newbies and seasoned professionals alike. And no, it’s not just emailing too infrequently (although that in itself is a problem). Instead, it’s something far more subtle, yet far more deadly. It’s writing emails like […]

What good airports and good Kindle book descriptions have in common

I’m on Sofia airport in Bulgaria right now As an aside, I swear half my emails come from airports lately, guess I’ve been doing a lot of travelling. And this particular airport happens to be one of the worst I’ve been to in recent times. You see, good airports all have 3 things in common […]

(Probably) Illegal Multi-Level Marketing Copywriting Examples

More horrific advertising copy from the gates of business hell known as Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM This week alone we have: One MLM’er claiming milkshakes helped her lose 20lbs in a single week. A piece of MLM sales copy stating that drinking a cup of coffee damages your “bodily frequencies” for up to 72 hours […]

Kindle Publishing: Why Your Book Sales Are Down This Summer

To my Northern hemisphere Kindle Publishing readers, I hope you’re reading this email in warm, sunny weather. And for those of you down under then it’s probably a “freezing” 22C or something – you don’t have my pity. So – the annual June-July-August down period for non fiction publishers Yes, sales are slower than previous […]

Kindle Publishing lessons from a Serbian street vendor

It’s my final day here in Serbia (which is not Siberia BTW) I came here on a whim because a) it’s right next to Bulgaria and b) I’ve never been here before The latter is usually all I need to visit a place Anyway – today it was scorching hot so I went to get […]

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