Can you make money in Kindle niches like weight loss?

Got a great question from a subscriber today.

Alex wants to know how it is possible to compete in hyper-competitive Kindle niches on Amazon, like make money online, weight loss and self help for example.

Well, it’s not as hard as it seems.

Yes, these niches have more competition than these so-called “hidden niches”

But you absolutely can compete, and even win in them.

It has to do with positioning, and your book’s unique selling point compared to competitor books. This is something you discover in the customer research stage of putting a book together.

Because if you have the right positioning, and your book speaks to the problems of that market…

It doesn’t matter how much (or how little) name recognition your pen name has.

If you can demonstrate to your target market that you actually understand their problems, and show them that your book (not your competitions) is the solution to them.

That’s how you can compete against authors with much higher name value and still capture a good chunk of sales.

And you know what?

You can, too.

I show you how in my Double Your Kindle Sales video course, and it’s helped others do the exact same things (even though they didn’t believe me at first either!)

Like student Sean Dollwet, who has this to say about the course

“If you want to build a self-publishing business that’s actually sustainable long term, you need to treat it like a real business instead of a get rich quick business, especially with how the Amazon platform is changing. This course goes deep into the psychology of why people buy, and how to position your book to drastically increase sales, which I’ve never seen it taught in any other self-publishing course! I think the info in this course is the key to going from amateur to pro in Kindle publishing”

You can check out the course here



P.S. The vast majority of my own success came in these giant Kindle niches. Partly because I self-admittedly suck at keyword research, and partly because I have way more fun competing in these big markets

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