Do you want an automated way to reach, nuture and build relationships with your customers? While still remaining 100% authentic...and without competing on sheer volume of content?

You got into business because you have a message to share with the world.

But you’re probably exhausted from needing to be omniprescent on every social media platform known to man.

Yet another Facebook Live which you worry that no one will show up to…

Yet another YouTube video you have to create…

Yet another website or platform other people are telling you that you should…no…NEED to be on.

You’ve brute forced your business for so long...

And you’ve probably been pretty good at it.

Building up a large following on various websites.

But now you’re looking for a way to get paid out of this whole deal…

A way which won’t lead to mass unsubscribing or angry messages from people who no longer identify as your fans.

A way to make money without trying to compete on number of YouTube videos, Instagram posts or Facebook lives...

A way to create valuable content your fans love consuming, while monetizing your following!

Maybe you already have an email list, but you don’t really know why.

Someone told you that you needed one.

Maybe you read it on a blog somewhere.

But you have no idea how to use it.

It’s just another thing you have to work on.

You’ve sent a few emails here and there.

You’ve tried the “sequences” proclaimed by so-called email experts or marketing gurus.

You’ve watched countless videos on how to increase your open rates, or read articles about best time of day to send emails.

And yet still... you’re faced with spending 30 minutes staring at the blinking cursor on your screen... wondering what to write next and... worrying if what you sent out was “good enough.”

You may be at point where the thought of writing emails is so unappealing you’d rather blow your brains out than write another 1000 words of content.

Hold up a minute - isn’t email dead?

If you spend enough time listening to the "experts" - there's always a new social network or new shiny internet object every day that you “should” be doing

Here’s the deal.

You don’t want to bombard your customers, clients or subscribers with sales pitches all the time… which leaves you feeling guilty… leaves your customers annoyed … and leads them to close keep their wallets firmly closed.

But what if there was a way where you could sell without pissing people off?

What if there was a way to have your fanbase actually…

Excited to spend money with you!

That’s where I come in

Speaking at the Self Publisher's Mastermind Event in Cancun

My name is Oliver El-Gorr and I help creators like you make the most of their followings.

I specialize in relationship marketing, because I realized very early on in business, that the businesses (from solopreneurs all the way up to Fortune 500 companies) with the best customer relationships…are the most successful.

The ones which don’t need to rely on generating a constant flow of new customers.

When they can take their current ones from curious window shoppers to first time buyers.

Then nurturing that relationship so those first time buyers now become repeat customers.

Because repeat customers are the best customers.

And I believe the best way to do this is through email.

Why email?

Two reasons.

Because unlike most marketing campaigns where there’s a huge outlay of cost, time and resources, you can begin sending out targeted email campaigns within a week.

Simply put, email is the most cost effective way to reach a mass audience, while still being personal.

The other reason, and this is a biggie that most people gloss over...

You own your email list!

Not Facebook, not YouTube, not any other third party website.

You are in total control.​​​​​

Before we work together though, I should let you know that I cannot help everyone.

So to make sure this is a good fit, there are a few requirements on your end.

The first, and biggest - you must have a proven product or service which converts.

Meaning you already have paying customers.

It doesn’t matter how many or in what form, but you at least need to have something for sale.

And this product or service must be good, so if you have a 50% refund rate, then that’s something you’ll need to fix before we can do business together.

Secondly, I love what I do, and I care about the people I work with, so I only work with people who treat their customers the same way.

So if you’re looking to send people to a get-rich-quick scheme/pyramid scheme/snake oil scam, then we won’t be a good fit for one another.

Lastly, this is a collaborative long-term relationship.

Meaning I don’t have any “magic email templates” which you just copy and paste while filling in your company name and URL.

These might work once or twice for some fast cash generation, but it’s not a way to build a long lasting relationship with your customers.

In my time doing this, I learned very quickly that there is no “plug and play”, there are no “templates which work for every business”, and there are no substitutes for a deep understanding of what it is your customers want.

So whether you’re a coach, course creator or ecommerce store owner. I can help you build relationships with your customers through email, to the point where they look forward to receiving and buying from you.

What can we do today?

Below you’ll find the option for booking a 1 on 1 consulting call with me.

On this call I’ll give you actionable advice about steps you can take to grow your business with email.

My availability is limited, I only take calls 1 day per week on a first come, first served basis.

These calls with be audio only, as this allows me to take notes and better serve you.

I’ll also send you a recording of the call afterwards if you’d like to re-listen, along with my own notes.

The sooner you book your call, the sooner you’ll have the answers you need to improve your marketing and take your business to the next level.

What happens after I book the call?

After you book your call I’ll send you a pre-call questionnaire to complete. This a short series of questions which will allow me to have a better understanding of your business going into our conversation.

After you've completed that and made the payment (details will be sent with the questionnaire), we'll get started.

Have a great day!


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