Do you make this mistake in email marketing for your Kindle Publishing business?

I want to talk about a massive error I see in email marketing for your Kindle publishing business.

One made my newbies and seasoned professionals alike.

And no, it’s not just emailing too infrequently (although that in itself is a problem).

Instead, it’s something far more subtle, yet far more deadly.

It’s writing emails like corporate memos.

Where all your language is prim and proper.

Paragraphs adhere to whatever the Chicago journalism standard is.

Spelling and grammar must be perfect to give you the appearance of being “educated” or “professional”

No room for fun at all.

Basically, they’re just too bloody professional and serious.

You see, email should be fun, it’s a fun medium. Especially for your Kindle publishing business.

Now I don’t mean you should go the other way and only send jokes and memes to your list.

But you can have fun and sell product at the same time.

And guess what, your list will like you for it.

Which in turn gives you a license to email more frequently.

Which leads to more sales.

See where I’m going here?

And if you’re like most people on this list, you’re probably in Kindle niches which aren’t all that serious anyway – so you have even more of license to have fun with it

And in the email marketing module of Double Your Kindle Sales I show you 8 different ways to write emails which are both a) fun and b) get sales

Not just book sales either, you can use them to promote affiliate products and get reviews for your existing books as well.

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Plus, I also show you how to grow your list using the power of unique lead magnets. Ones which your competition definitely aren’t using. Some of which take just a couple of minutes to put together

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