Drunk Kindle publishing secrets

Another of these in-the-trenches Kindle publishing and copywriting secrets for you today.

In yesterday’s email I mentioned I was in Barcelona these past few days.

The nightlife here is special, really unique vibe as far as European cities go.

Part of this is that, wherever you turn, there are guys selling you cans of beer on the street.

At the low, low price of 1 Euro per can, it’s an economical way to drink at least.

However, some of these sellers are more successful than others.

The unsuccessful ones are the guys who just stand by themselves and mutter “cerveza, beer?” at you

The ones who have figured this all out are the guys carrying a few cans in their hand, so you can see what they’re all about when they approach you.

Which leads me to one of those important, but never talked about, Kindle publishing secrets

Demonstrating your product to your target customer.

If I can see the cans in front of me, I know exactly what they are selling.

I know this isn’t going to be a scam or a bait and switch type situation.

And this applies to your Kindle books as much as it does to physical products.

One of the most powerful things you can do is demonstrate the claims in your copy.

This may sound abstract at first, but there are ways to do it in all niches.

For example, naming your sources (like CNBC or Fox News) for claims that certain financial markets have the opportunity to increase in the next year.

For other niches, I go into detail about how to do this inside my flagship video course Double Your Kindle Sales

And believe me, there are very few publishers are doing this – which gives you a huge leg up on your competition.

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