How to Make Money on Amazon by Nerfing Your Writer’s Block

Let’s talk about writer’s block because I’ve had a few people ask me about it. If you want to make money on Amazon by writing your own books, then you’ll have to overcome it.

It’s especially relevant if you intend to write a lot of your own books in addition to writing your book descriptions or emails.

And my take on it is somewhat different to others.

In that, for non-fiction publishers writer’s block doesn’t really exist.

For fiction, and I’m no fiction expert by any means, I’m sure it’s different – but we’ll just focus on non-fiction for now.

You see, when it comes to writing your books, emails or book descriptions, what we know as writer’s block is merely a lack of research on the topic.

Which is why in Double Your Kindle Sales (http://doubleyourkindlesales.com) I outline how you can save yourself time down the road by doing this research up front.

Because this initial investment pays off big time down the road.

And you’ll eventually get to the point where you have unlimited ideas to write about.

Multiple angles to appoach every topic from.

There are a couple of other cool ways to spark these ideas, which you didn’t even know existed a few minutes prior.

And it has nothing to do with creativity either.

One of these techniques, which I learned from legendary copywriter and self publisher Eugene Schwartz has given me at least 2 new book ideas this year.

And I go through it in detail in the course.

So if you’ve had enough of writer’s block, and want to know how to make money on Amazon with your own books go to




Did you know that in Eastern philosophy writers block doesn’t exist as a concept? It simply isn’t in the language. What does that do to your current world view?

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