How to Sell Your Book on Amazon by Spending 6 hours Looking at People in Their Underwear

Yesterday I attended a bodybuilding show. And it taught me something about how to sell your book on Amazon.

My best friend was competing for the first time and I went there to support him.

It was my first time watching a spectacle like this.

So yes, I’ve now seen what 75 different people, both men, and women, look like in their underwear.

Now, I’m no expert when it comes to these kinds of things – but I was fortunate enough to ride back from the show with one of the judges

And she explained something interesting to me.

It’s not always the biggest or most ripped guy or gal that wins.

It’s about, “the total package”.

Being able to present yourself in a way which is most appealing to the judges.

In bodybuilding, this is a combination of things like muscle definition, body proportions and posing.

And it’s the same thing with your self published Kindle books.

It’s not just one thing which makes the sale.

You can’t rely solely on a kickass cover…

Captivating book title…

Or persuasive book description.

You have to be able to present a total package to your target market.

That’s how to sell your book on Amazon.

And different sections of the market will be looking for something different.

Which, by the way, is why you should always have multiple books in every niche you enter.

So, if you want to learn how to produce Kindle books which are the total package.

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The Kindle market is getting more and more saturated by the day. You simply need to stand out if you want to make consistent sales.

Therefore an understanding of marketing is absolutely essential for long term profits. There is no substitute for this.

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