Satarical illustration showing time spent in bathroom

I can’t flush the toilet right now

Just checked into an AirBNB.

Great location, right in the middle of the city.

Walking distance to everything.

1/3 of the price of a hotel in the same area.

My kinda place.

There is one tiiiiny problem though.

There’s no running water.

Not the host’s fault, the city has turned off the water supply for “a few hours.”

It turns out “a few hours” is 6 hours and counting.

Which causes more than a couple of issues.

Can’t do laundry.

Can’t take a shower.

Can’t flush the toilet.

You get where I’m coming from.

But more frustrating than any of those things is the built-in anxiety of exactly when the water is coming back on.

Which reminded me of when I first started publishing.

And my books weren’t selling.

Day after day I’d wake up and wonder exactly when sales were going to pick up.

To the point where I was checking my KDP dashboards 5 or 6 times a day waiting for that “magic spark.”

There was no magic spark though.

No secret ninja tactics or 10X loophole either like some so-called “Kindle gurus” would have you believe.

My sales simply picked up when I started applying the methods I teach inside my Double Your Kindle Sales course.

Last focused customer research, irresistible book titles and can’t stop reading book descriptions – all 3 combine to give you a powerful trifecta which is the key to consistent book sales on Amazon.

This isn’t a “quick fix” for your kindle profits, and you aren’t likely to see any life changing increases overnight.

Instead, I teach the fundamentals of building profitable books, which you can use to scale your publishing business in the long term.

So if you’re in this business to make consistent, long run profits, then it’s something you can benefit from.

Check it out here http://doubleyourkindlesales.com


P.S. I’ll be speaking at the upcoming Cancun Mastermind event in September, and discussing strategies which I don’t even talk about inside the Double Your Kindle Sales course

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