I got this interesting question from a new self publisher…

I got this question from a new self publisher…

“Oliver, How do I get started when I only have $50 to begin with?”

Well, first of all, I’m not going to deny that you are limited if you only have $50 as your starting budget.

But the good news is – it is possible to get going.

First of all, I’ll cover what a new self publisher should NOT do.

Don’t waste your money on the following:

  1. Anyone on Fiverr who claims they will write you 10,000 words for $20 (they’ll just copy articles from the internet and run them through article spinning software)
  2. Any “ebook promotion” type deals promising to get you thousands of downloads
  3. Any ebook formatting jobs – you can learn to do this yourself in 5 minutes via YouTube videos

You are going to have to write books yourself, that much is true.

If you’re already familiar with the topic at hand, this will be easier than you think.

If you’re not much of a writer or want to so shortcut the process you can record yourself talking into your phone and use a service like http://temi.com to transcribe it.

At 10c/minute, transcribing 1 hour of content (around 11,000 words) will cost you $6. So all you have to do is edit and clean it up.

I’ve used this service a lot for recording drafts of videos and rough chapter outlines, and I’m always surprised by the accuracy of it.

And it offers a combination of cheap and fast when writing a book.

Which, if you’re on a limited budget, is by far your best bet when starting out.

Once you get your first book up, and it makes some money – then you can focus on outsourcing to increase your rate of production.

Then once you start making consistent monthly income on Amazon, then my Double Your Kindle Sales course can take you to the next level.

It is definitely not for absolute beginners, but I have had some buy and find the content invaluable.

To find out more go to http://doubleyourkindlesales.com 


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