Kindle Publishing lessons from a Serbian street vendor

It’s my final day here in Serbia (which is not Siberia BTW)

I came here on a whim because

a) it’s right next to Bulgaria

and b) I’ve never been here before

The latter is usually all I need to visit a place

Anyway – today it was scorching hot so I went to get a couple of beers from one of the street stalls

The guy seemed reluctant to sell them to me, and I couldn’t really understand why…

But then he explained that the glass beer bottles have a small deposit attached to them – and he thought, as a tourist, I wouldn’t bring them back, so I’d be out of pocket

He uttered, in perfect English I may add, “It’s all based on trust”

Which makes for a great Kindle publishing and copywriting lesson.

If your customers don’t trust what you’re saying, then it’s almost impossible to make the sale

Because trust is one of the three hurdles your book descriptions must overcome

Win your customers trust, and then you’ll not only make one sale – but also likely make sales again and again to the same customer.

Ideal if you plan on building a brand around your pen name with multiple books.

And I show you exactly how to win your customers trust with words – which you can use even if this is your first book in a new Kindle Publishing niche

For the full scoop go to http://doubleyourkindlesales.com


P.S. It’s $0.45 for a half litre bottle here, I love this country

P.P.S. If you’re a digital nomad type, then Serbia is a great place to spend the summer months. Both Belgrade and Nis have great quality of life combined with a low cost of living. My city center apartment here is just $450 a month for a clean, modern building with 50MBP/s wifi

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