Kindle Publishing: Why Your Book Sales Are Down This Summer

To my Northern hemisphere Kindle Publishing readers, I hope you’re reading this email in warm, sunny weather.

And for those of you down under then it’s probably a “freezing” 22C or something – you don’t have my pity.

So – the annual June-July-August down period for non fiction publishers

Yes, sales are slower than previous months.

No, there’s nothing you can do about it.

You can’t change the global demand for books.

People are just more into poolside romance novels or predictable crime non-thrillers at this time of year.

So instead of moaning about it on Facebook like I’ve seen a few people do, go back to what you can control.

First off – go outside and enjoy the sun.

I’m serious, there is a Vitamin D deficiency in Northern Europe and North America, and thus, we could all use more of it.

Secondly, you can start gearing up for the Christmas season.

Yes, you are now in the business of thinking about Christmas in June.

Because your sales in November-December-January will more than make up for the summer slow down.

If you do it right, of course.

Because there are certain strategies you can use to optimize your performance during this period.

Ones I used to make an extra $3,000 in December last year – with only 1 additional book

I discuss it inside Double Your Kindle Sales

To see exactly how I did it, and how you can too, go to




In my upcoming course Backdoor Keyword Research I will discuss in depth how you can use the summer season to prepare for the Christmas season. Which is where the Kindle Publishing big bucks are.

Do this right and you can easily make an extra 50% on top of your regular Christmas sales. Yes, that’s right, an extra 50%.

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