It’s the least wonderful time of the year

It’s here again, the bi-annual Amazon review purge. And it’s got some publishers SHOOK. “My books have no reviews now” “They’re deleting organic reviews as well!” “Is Kindle Publishing

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Are emails for Kindle publishers the same as blog posts?

Are emails the same as blog posts?   Name, Got a question from Double Your Kindle Sales student Kecia Armstrong yesterday. “What’s the difference between an email and a blog post – should they

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Why the right piece of software won’t save your Kindle publishing business

Seeing variants of this question a lot lately. Especially with regards to email autoresponders. Which one is “the best?” Is there a better free alternative to Mailchimp? Are there free autoresponders

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2 Kindle publishing things I disagree with everyone else on

Just wanna talk about a couple of areas of publishing I disagree with most other authority figures on. The first of which is the usefulness of KDP Rocket for (non fiction) keyword research. Even if you

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Can you make money in Kindle niches like weight loss?

Got a great question from a subscriber today. Alex wants to know how it is possible to compete in hyper-competitive Kindle niches on Amazon, like make money online, weight loss and self help for example. Well,

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sound waves

My eardrums no longer work

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a wedding in Bulgaria. I was invited 3 days before, and there was no way I was saying no to this. I gotta tell you, this was a spectacle. There were over 450

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ingrid goes west sentence (movie picture)

The best way to be the best at being the best

My friend and I watched the movie “Ingrid Goes West” last night It’s a pretty entertaining and easy watch which pokes fun at typical “LA Girl” Instagram model types One of my favorite scenes

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Satarical illustration showing time spent in bathroom

I can’t flush the toilet right now

Just checked into an AirBNB. Great location, right in the middle of the city. Walking distance to everything. 1/3 of the price of a hotel in the same area. My kinda place. There is one tiiiiny problem

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library book shelves

The plucky Mexican secret to more book sales

As you may know, I went to the FIFA World Cup in Russia this summer. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken… Meeting people from all around the world… Soaking up the atmosphere… Sampling

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MONEY buys financial freedom

White wine and screaming children

I’m in Moscow, Russia right now. It’s been a fairly crappy day if I’m honest with you. First off – the WiFi wasn’t working in the place I was staying. Which, you know, is kiiiiind of an issue

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