My biggest Kindle Publishing mistake (cost me over $5,000 so far)

Today I’m going to talk about my biggest mistake in publishing so far.

The one which has cost me the most money at least.

It actually has to with audiobooks rather than eBooks or Paperbacks.

My biggest audiobook mistake – doing royalty split for my first 3 books

If you don’t know, a royalty split is where you get the book narrated for free in exchange for sharing the royalties with your narrator.

And me being in the stupid “oh free that’s great” mindset, I signed up for it.

Well, one of those books has sold almost 1500 copies and has 29 bounties – so that’s over $2000 on that one book alone.

The other 2 books (plus a bundle) have cost me another $2000 or so.

In fact as I’m writing this the number is probably moved beyond $5000 now.

And there’s an important lesson here.

The cheap (or in this case, free) option usually costs you more in the long run.

Either in terms of time wasted, or in my case, lose of cold hard cash at the end of the day.

Because, I saved $150 or so by not paying the narrator up front.

But I lost nearly $5K by doing so.

And I hope this email helps a few of you avoid the same predicament.

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