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My Top 7 Copywriting Resources for Self Publishers

A few people have emailed me asking for my best copywriting resources for self publishers.

Before we begin, I’d also note, none of these are fully fledged copywriting courses, because I feel like you don’t need to go through one of these to write an effective book description or email promoting your books.

These are also all cheaper than any of the good copywriting courses (which range from $500 to $5000) I would recommend to people looking to become full-time copywriters.

So, you asked for it – let’s get to it

Here’s my top 7

  1. The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert
  2. Eugene Schwartz’s Philips Publishing Speech (one nugget from here single handedly changed the way I write book descriptions)
  3. Ben Settle’s podcast
  4. Eugene Schwartz’s The Brilliance Breakthrough (this is out of print and the reprint goes for $225, it also has nothing to do with “copywriting” per se, but it should be considered a must own for anyone interested in effective communication)
  5. Claude Hopkins’ Scientific Advertising
  6. The Gary Halbert All Star Audio Series (the Parris Lampropolous and John Carlton episodes are the best)
  7. Dan Kennedy’s 10 Million Dollar Marketing Secrets audio tape – because it’s basically a 2 hour sales letter for his Renegade Millionaire Program

So there you go.

Some of these are free, some are dirt cheap, others are prohibitively expensive – but every single one has more than paid for itself multiple times over.

So in that sense, they were essentially free.



What kind of salesman or marketer would I be if I didn’t take the chance to plug my own product at the end of the list.

It’s designed specifically for self publishers who want to get more sales from their books.

I’ve just added a 7 lesson email marketing module as well.

So if that sounds like your cup of tea, check out my Double Your Kindle Sales video course here.


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