(Probably) Illegal Multi-Level Marketing Copywriting Examples

More horrific advertising copy from the gates of business hell known as Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM

This week alone we have:

  1. One MLM’er claiming milkshakes helped her lose 20lbs in a single week.
  2. A piece of MLM sales copy stating that drinking a cup of coffee damages your “bodily frequencies” for up to 72 hours (unless of course you use essential oils afterwards)
  3. Another MLM’er stating their lavender shampoo is “fragrance free”
  4. Not advertising copy per se but horrible behavior nonetheless – I recently heard of a state certified psychiatrist pitching MLM product to patients during an appointment

Now it’s not the fault of the people posting these – because they’re just parroting whatever the company directive is.

However, in traditional advertising, these kinds of claims have long been illegal.

But in the social media MLM age, people are still getting away with them.

But I doubt this will go on for much longer

And there will be a big crackdown on deceptive and dangerous claims like these

With the MLM business model being the way it is, the people making these claims will be held liable when the ish hits the fan.

Because, being independent contractors – the company behind the claims is in no way bound to help them

Yet another reason why these social media age MLMs are toxic beyond belief.

At least the old school ones didn’t resort to making ridiculous, untrue claims like these.

Fortunately, these aren’t as prevalent in Kindle Publishing.

Although I do see some ones which are on the questionable side from time to time.

Which is why in Double Your Kindle Sales – I teach multiple ways to position your book to stand out from the competition, without resorting to unethical, and possibly illegal claims like the ones above

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