Revenge of The Grammar Nazis

I was watching a YouTube video today, a fascinating talk on productivity by Dan Kennedy and the members of his team at GKIC.

Naturally, I scrolled down to read the comments afterwards.

Enter, Mr. Grammar Nazi

This clever soul decided that the best use of his time was to go off on Dan Kennedy’s use of plurals – I’ll spare you the entire rant, but it can be summarized by this sentence.

“[Dan] has been contaminating the learning process and foiling the efforts of teachers of language, to his discredit.”

To which one, obviously successful human responded…

to your discredit, with all of your supposed linguistic expertise, you probably don’t even have a fraction of Dan’s ability to communicate to the masses and extract money from their pockets. That must irk you a lot more ha? 🙂

The point of this being…

Grammar is overrated, especially when to comes to the art of effective communication.

And effective communication is the only thing that matters in a sale.

In other words – customers don’t care about your grammatical prowess, they only care what your books can do for them.

So if you want to learn how to “contaminate the learning process” while selling ridiculous amounts of Kindle books…

Then check out the link below – you might find something you like



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