Same-Same But Different

Same-Same But Different

I spend a lot of my time in Thailand

To me, it’s one of the great countries in the world

It’s hot.

The food is great (seriously, until you’ve had your tastebuds awoken by proper Thai papaya salad)

The scenery is gorgeous.

The best part is the people though.

Their lighthearted, laidback attitude to life is something which we in the West could learn a lot from.

Thais also have a particular phrase which I love.

“Same-Same but Different”

This broken English saying is now so ingrained in the culture, that willing tourists can buy t-shirts with those 4 words emblazoned on it.

But what the heck does it mean?

It means something physically looks the same, but it is indeed different.

To give you some context, here’s a situation which played out when I first arrived in the Land of Smiles over 4 years ago.

My Younger Self: Is this a real Rolex?

Friendly Thai street vendor: No it’s a copy, but don’t worry, same-same but different

So what do your book and counterfeit watches have in common?

You can have a book in a competitive niche, but if you present it from a different angle – then you can capture some of the audience

It might look the same, even the content might be similar to other books – but you’re offering the customer something different.

For example, with ketogenic diet books, the vast majority of the content will be similar regardless.

But if you market your book as a ketogenic diet for women over 40 – then you have a unique angle

And that is how you can make a splash in even the most competitive niches.

Which is why in my Double Your Kindle Sales course – I focus on different ways you can differentiate

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