Stick to your knitting

I’m currently reading In Search of Excellence – it’s about lessons you can learn from “America’s Best Run Companies”

The book itself is over 35 years old, but by God does it have some timeless teachings.

The main one being – stay in your lane

Or as the book’s author Tom Peters calls it “Sticking to Your Knitting”

Peters identified that the companies which continued to succeed were the ones with the discipline to focus on what made them great in the first place.

And the ones which failed had CEOs who believed their own hype, and deviated from this.

In other words – it’s not you who is the driving force behind your entrepreneurial success

It’s your system.

Your winning formula.

The things which work in your business.

The successful people are the ones who replicate them again and again

And ignore the shiny object syndrome and the distractions of the world.

Both from within your field and outside.

This might be boring at times – but the results sure aren’t


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