Stop letting your personal biases cost you money

I recently uploaded a video to my YouTube channel entitled “Marketing Lessons from Donald Trump.”

It was 3 lessons you can learn from Trump’s presidential campaign and apply to your self publishing business.

I got a bit of pushback (which is to be expected, all you have to do to get a reaction is use Trump’s name in the title)

Including one guy who commented that the video “wasn’t relevant” to publishing.

First off – he clearly didn’t watch the video, because the remainder of his comments were about Trump’s upbringing rather than his marketing.

Secondly, this guy had clearly let his personal biases against Trump get in the way of learning some valid information which, in all likelihood, would have made him money.

I see this all the time online, and even I’m not immune to it.

To give you a personal example of this, one of the few industries I have a profound dislike of is MLM.

I’m just fundamentally opposed to the business model.

Which meant, that for years I loved consuming any anti-MLM media I could get my hands on.

Until one day I realized it was just mental masturbation and confirmation bias.

Neither of which were benefitting the bottom line of my business.

So instead I took a step back and figured out what I could learn from the MLM industry.

Because there are a ton of lessons there, especially in terms of customer appeal and understanding what it is you are really selling.

Including one big one, used by many of the top MLM companies in the world, which I teach in Double Your Kindle Sales – so that you can apply it to your books

Which, whether you like or loathe Donald Trump, can benefit your self publishing business.

Fancy a look inside?

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