ingrid goes west sentence (movie picture)

The best way to be the best at being the best

My friend and I watched the movie “Ingrid Goes West” last night

It’s a pretty entertaining and easy watch which pokes fun at typical “LA Girl” Instagram model types

One of my favorite scenes is where Ezra, the husband of the typical LA Girl Taylor goes on a rant about how she’s changed since she became a full time Instagram influencer.

“Nowadays, everything is THE BEST, this cafe is THE BEST, this store is THE BEST, it’s infuriating”

Which made me chuckle because it reminds me of email subject lines.

Especially ones sent by self publishers trying to market their books.

Everything these days is the best/fastest/hottest/quickest way to whatever the end result is.

And it’s not just me who is completely de-sensitized to these kinds of subject lines.

It’s likely that your customers are too.

Which is why in the new email module of Double Your Kindle Sales I teach 7 other ways you can write email subject lines which get your emails opened.

And ensures your list don’t tire of hearing from you.

Which is game over as far as email marketing is concerned.

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I can’t claim it’s THE BEST self publishing course out there, but it’s one that will improve your business.


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