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The Big Mac Secret to Huge Kindle Sales

One of the few individual stocks I own is McDonald’s – and it’s one I’ll probably hold for the next 30 years.

In fact, I just bought more shares today.

I have zero doubt in the long term growth of the Golden Arches for two reasons.

First – They’re really a real estate company – and the land those 37,000 locations are built on isn’t going anywhere

And secondly – this is the biggie

Their system

As you may know by now – I travel a lot, at the time of writing this email I’ve been to 36 different countries across 6 continents.

By the time it goes out it will be 38.

And I’ve eaten a Big Mac in most of them.

The biggest part of this, is not that the Big Mac tastes the same around the world (it does)

But all McDonald’s stores function in fundamentally the same way.

I know this because the system is so well conceived, that most of these McDonald’s can be profitably run by a bunch of minimum-wage teenagers with zero desire to be there.

The system which runs so well that no matter where you go in the world – you know that McDonald’s is gonna deliver what you asked for

Is it the finest restaurant on the planet – no

Hell, everyone knows Burger King makes better food

But McDonald’s reigns supreme because of their consistency and adherence to a system.

Back to self publishing.

In my Double Your Kindle Sales course I teach my system for writing profitable book descriptions.

Which works regardless of niche – weight loss, personal finance, marriage counselling etc.

It probably won’t have your publishing company bringing in $24.6 billion a year like Ronald McDonald & Co. – but it will put more money in your pocket from Kindle

Check it out at http://doubleyourkindlesales.com

Anyway – I’m off to get a Big Mac


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