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The curse of the video course panic buyer

Let’s chat about refunds.

My video course very rarely gets refund requests.

When they do happen, I process them immediately, without question (providing its within the 30 day guarantee period).

But this morning, I did wake up to one in my inbox.

From a guy who bought it a couple of weeks ago.

I checked his progress (Teachable allows me to see how much a student has consumed)

And he’d watched a grand total of 1 lesson in 2 weeks.

Which was probably the introduction.

Now before this guy bought the course, he messaged me on Facebook – asking me about a bonus promotion one of my affiliates was having

About when the promotion would “go away”

And if he’d “still be able to get it” after the deadline date.

In other words, he FOMO’d in and panic bought into the course.

That should have been a red flag right there.

And after speaking with some other course creators in the space, it turns out this guy is a serial refunder.

So if you have a video course of your own, then these are the kinds of customers you do not want to attract.

But hey – lesson learned.

So what kind of people do have success with my material?

Those who consider the course a long term investment in their self publishing business, rather than a quick fix solution.

Like Double Your Kindle Sales student Marco Moutinho – a fantastic publisher in his own right and bonafide AMS expert.

Here’s what Marco had to say about it.

“I just want to point out that my sales have increased since using your description method man! Especially for one book, definitely double in sales on that book!”

Those are the kind of results investment orientated buyers get.

So if that’s you – check out the course here



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