The “Extra Cold Beer” Secret to More Book Sales

Here’s some great advice I got regarding how to increase your Kindle book sales – even if there’s nothing revolutionary inside your book.

Or so you think…

Just because there’s nothing “new” about your product, doesn’t mean you can’t differentiate by telling your customers something “ordinary” that they don’t already know.

In other words, just because there’s some element of your business that everyone does, or seems relatively mundane – don’t assume your customers wouldn’t be interested

A big one of these was the Claude Hopkins Schlitz Beer campaign back in 1920s.

He positioned Schlitz as the “purest beer” – whatever the hell that means.

Schlitz went through the same filtration process as all the other beers on the market.

The pumps were cleaned twice a day, the brewing rooms had filtered air – to the brewers, this all seemed fairly standard and “ordinary”

But none of the other beer manufacturers talked about it – so Hopkins used it to stand out.

Within a year Schlitz went from being the #5 or #6 beer in the country (depending on the source) to the #1. All off the back of something the manufacturer thought was ordinary or inconsequential.

The same happens today – when given the option between convenience store beers, I always go for the one marketed as “extra cold”.

Now, all these beers are made from the same aluminium cans, they’re all sitting in the same fridge, they’re all probably the same temperature.

But the “extra cold” on the can – that stands out, that differentiates

So next time you’re struggling for a different angle with your book – then see if there’s anything obvious that no other book in that niche has covered in the title.

And if you’d like to see how to do that, and ways you can apply it to multiple Kindle niches.

Which dramatically increase your book sales.

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