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The Un-Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***

I was speaking with a fellow publisher a few months ago, and we were going back and forth about whether to include that four letter word in her book title.

And I advised her against it.

Primarily because it seems to be all the rage these days.

You can thank Mark Manson’s self help bestseller for that.

I gotta give Manson some credit, it’s a great title and it does stand out.

But it stands out because he was the first to do it.

A pioneer if you will.

Especially in a niche where most authors take the softly let’s hug it out approach.

However – as a side effect of millions of book sales

Manson created a phenomena.

That being – now everyone is using profanity in their marketing.

F this, F that, giving ZERO Fs.

Especially in the self help and coaching niches, where it’s quickly becoming the norm.

And as soon as anything becomes the norm – it loses its effectiveness quicker than a hooker loses her underwear

Which I why I advise you to not do it – because unless you’re the first in your niche, or it’s your true personality and what your audience expects from you.

You look like either a) a tryhard or b) a copycat

And neither of those attract buyers to your book.

What should you do instead?

Learn how to properly differentiate from the competition with your book titles

Like I teach in my Double Your Kindle Sales course

Here’s the (free from profanity) link



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