think and grow rich

Think and Grow Broke?

You have read Think and Grow Rich – right?

(If you haven’t, come on, get a copy of Napoleon’s Hill classic success manual – it’s like $1 on Amazon)

You know more self made millionaires cite the book as the most influential book that they’ve read on their path to success?

Moreso than even The Bible.

And I consider myself a disciple of Hill rather than Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

However, there’s one thing which separates these self made millionaires apart from those who don’t make it…

They act upon what they learn

There’s no better example of this than Hill himself.

You see Hill, for all his hard work in creating the book, never really followed his own advice.

And he actually spent the later part of his life “fundamentally broke”.

Until a student of the book, W. Clement Stone, a multi-millionaire and owner of one of the largest insurance companies in America – gave Hill a job as a sales trainer at one of his firms, which saved Hill from financial ruin.

Stone, and countless other examples are proof that it’s not just about consuming good information, like books or  video courses for example.

It’s about acting upon it…

And there is something to be said for acting upon it fast as well.

So if you’re someone who acts upon the information they acquire in books and video courses, rather than just passively consuming it…

A do-er rather than a think-er if you will…

Then my Double Your Kindle Sales course may be right up your street.

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P.S. Did you know that Think and Grow Rich was actually a condensed version of his original book, The Laws of Success and was primarily used in a sales funnel for one of Hill’s home study courses?

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