Thumbs Up if You Can Hear Me

I hate most Facebook livestreams.

You know the ones where the host rambles for the first 8 minutes about absolutely nothing?

Saying hi to everyone joining late.

Asking “thumbs up if you can hear me” 52,000 times.

And you can see the number of people in the chat dropping off fast - because no one likes a time waster

Well it’s the same with your Kindle book descriptions.

One of the easiest ways to kill your sale is by wasting your customers time with unnecessary words at the very beginning

Think about it for a second, if your customer is overweight, and desperately wants to lose 25lbs before their wedding - so they can look good in photos for the first time in years…

Do they really want to read 200 words about the history of the ketogenic diet?

You see your customers have short attention spans, and you’re often competing against hundreds of other books, not to mention outside distractions like Facebook, Instagram and screaming kids…

Which means you simply can’t afford to waste words on stuff your customer already knows - or flat out doesn’t care about

In fact, a single sentence (or even a word in some cases) can pretty much kill your book sales dead, if it’s not both relevant and interesting to your customers.

But how do you know what words are interesting and more importantly relevant to them

Well, in my video course - I teach exactly what you need to do if you want to hold your customer’s attention all the way through your book description.

The precise structure to use if you want to have your customers enthusiastically clicking the buy button.

Check out the course using the link below.