What good airports and good Kindle book descriptions have in common

I’m on Sofia airport in Bulgaria right now

As an aside, I swear half my emails come from airports lately, guess I’ve been doing a lot of travelling.

And this particular airport happens to be one of the worst I’ve been to in recent times.

You see, good airports all have 3 things in common (this airport ticks none of these boxes)

First of all, unrestricted free wifi.

A lot of dead time is spent at airports, and the ability to work is invaluable during these hours.

Seocnd of all, free drinking water.

I may be mistaken but I’m pretty sure this is a law in the EU now that airports have to provide this, because ya’know – people have to live

And third of all, a decent number of electronic outlets.

So I can use the free wifi to my heart’s content.

It’s the same with your Kindle book descriptions – because there are three things every good book description has

No, not wifi or drinking water related either

The three elements you see in every good Kindle book description are likability, credibility, and trust.

And if you miss out on just one of these three, it can have a significant effect on your sales.

However, get it right and your book will sell even if it has less reviews than your competitors.

It will also signifcantly lower your cost per sale if you’re running AMS ads.

So inside Double Your Kindle Sales I teach you exactly how you can tick all 3 of the likability, credibility and trust boxes.

Which leads to better Kindle book descriptions and more importantly better book sales.

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