MONEY buys financial freedom

White wine and screaming children

I’m in Moscow, Russia right now.

It’s been a fairly crappy day if I’m honest with you.

First off – the WiFi wasn’t working in the place I was staying.

Which, you know, is kiiiiind of an issue for an online business owner.

Then I got to the airport, the WiFi network there wasn’t working either.

I’ll spare you the screaming kids stories (I swear once you enter an airport, everyone under the age of 5 is suddenly having the worst day of their lives)

And now my flight is delayed for 2 hours.

It’s one of those snowball effects which you don’t want.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, it’s got to do with money, and what money can buy you.

Right now, I’m in the airport lounge, relaxing in a comfy armchair, working on a book project, while enjoying my second glass of Sauvignon Blanc (which my in depth knowledge of wine can confirm, is indeed a white)

Whereas I could be stuck out with the masses, standing in line at Burger King.

But at least I can be comfortable on a day like today where it seems nothing is going right.

You see, in my view, money, or financial freedom, facilitates one main thing.


Even if we go beyond a fairly inconsequential situation like the one I’m in right now.

What if it was a medical issue?

Where you can comfortably afford the best care rather than having to go for the cheaper option.

Money buys options

What you do with those options – entirely up to you

Something to ponder as you go about your day at least.


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