Why you shouldn’t sell Kindle books

There’s an important mindset shift which non-fiction Kindle publishers need to make.

And it’s one of ignoring the medium of what you’re selling.

In other words, you’re not just selling a “book”

You see, people aren’t looking for a book about the keto diet, or Bitcoin.

Instead, they’re looking for someone to solve a problem for them.

They’re looking for a weight loss solution which they’ll be able to stick to for more than 3 weeks.

They’re looking for a way to accelerate their retirement and hedge their portfolio against a stock market crash.

Your Kindle books are the solutions to these problems.

The book itself is just the medium the solution comes in.

When you start publishing Kindle books from this point of view, two subtle, but important things happen.

First and foremost, you’re now publishing books people want to buy and read.

And secondly, because you’re solving people’s problems – you can charge more than if you were only selling a “book”

Sometimes 2 to 3X more than your competitors.

In fact, one book I had success with last year was priced 7X higher than my biggest competitor in that niche – and yet it was still making sales because of its problem-solution design

But how to do you identify these problems so you can charge more for your books?

It all starts with customer research.

Getting into the minds of your customers and their problems.

In Double Your Kindle Sales I have an entire module dedicated to laser-focused customer research which will allow you to tap into people’s problems. Including a 35 minute live, unedited demo of my system applied to a brand new niche.

And student Ellen Mogensen commented, “The best thing in your course is the live demo of customer research.”

So if you want to know more, then check it out here



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