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You can’t fake being gay

A friend of mine is in the weird and wonderful niche of sex guides.

Namely, she publishes different guides for women at different stages of their life.

And she’s just moved into the gay male genre for the same topic.

Now, she has a problem though because she – as a straight woman – is obviously not – a gay man

So she hired a gay male writer for the book.

And he knew she found the right one when she told me

He’s using acronyms I’ve never even heard of”

Which is a valuable lesson when it comes to marketing and publishing books in any niche.

Knowing the vocabulary of the market you are talking to.

Including things like how they talk about their problems.

The slang the use (including acronyms).

If you can do this, customers in this market can’t help but be drawn to you and your book – especially when compared to hoards of generic books

So, while you can’t fake being gay.

You can research your customers to the point where you understand them, and the language that they use.

And in my Double Your Kindle Sales course I show you 8 different resources to do this.

Which work in any niche.

Yes, even sex guides.

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